Human Resource Management 2,250 female employees and workers Or 39.28 percent 3,475 male employees and workers Or 60.66 percent 5,728 people in total CAT values how it treats all groups of employees and workers, which are a major factor in moving the organization toward success. Therefore, CAT focuses on improving and developing a good working culture and environment.Startingfromtherecruitmentprocess,CATholdsontoemploymentethicsandintegrityinrecruitment withoutdiscrimination ofanykindbasedonrace,religion,skincolor,gender, oranyphysicaldisability(thedisabled). CAT will mainly put emphasis on talents and knowledge. The employment process must be in strict compliance with law and regulations stipulated by official agencies and without the use of child labor or forced or compulsory labor. Human resource information for 2017 99 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited