Strategic Objectives SO1 To reform the organization in an attempt to increase efficiency and support the government sector in providing national digital services. SO4 Develop personnel to ensure that they are capable and efficient, befitting the national leading organization in the field of digital and telecommunications services. SO2 To develop and explore digital and telecommunications services by ushering in cutting-edge and new technologies and innovations that respond to the needs of customers and add value to the sustainable organization. SO5 Increase efficiency in internal organizational management that corresponds to changes and business operations. SO3 Maintain and create additional income by continuously capitalizing on its main and new business operations, with the quality of services that meet the international standards and deliver a good experience that meets customers’ expectations. SO6 Support the running of operations in accordance with the government’s policy, which is conducted in line with good governance and responsibilities to environment and society. Maintain the good image of the organization. 01 01011010101 0101010101010 0110011010010 110101000 21 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited