In 2017, CAT participated in the “Anti-Corruption day 2017” event under the concept “New Government! Old Corruption?”, organized by the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT). A total of 54 participants attended from CAT, including management, representatives from various departments, including those from state enterprise workers’ union at CAT. The key messages of the event informed both managementandstaffofCATofanti-corruptionefforts,whichmuststartwithcultivatingapublicconscience among all Thai citizens, particularly the new generation need to recognize the gravity of corruption issues and their impact on the economy, society and politics. Hence, it is the duty of every Thai citizen to join efforts in monitoring corruption and fighting it together, preventing people from taking advantage of the country so that in the future, the next generation may prosper sustainably and further contribute to the country’s development.“Honest, transparent, responsible, capable, providing fair opportunities, filled with integrity and creativity for society.” Inaddition,CATtheNationalAnti-CorruptionCommission(NACC),StateEnterprisePolicyOffice(SEPO) and 54 state-owned enterprises, have signed an MoU to jointly mobilize efforts to implement the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Phase 3 (2017-2021) and ensure continuity from the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Phase 2 (2013-2017). The objectives and details are as follows: 1. To promote, support, and coordinate so that state enterprises will apply the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Phase 3 (2017-2021) to actual implementation. To advise on preparing an action plan for the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Phase 3 (2017-2021), anti-corruption measures, integrated plans and policies relevant to the government. 2. To promote, support and advise state enterprises in their implementation of anti-corruption action plan, as well as being responsible for the monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the state enterprises’ operations. This is to foster a culture with zero tolerance for corruption, elevate the standards of good corporate governance, and reform anti-corruption processes within state enterprises. 3. To help promote and support strengthening of integrity and transparency in state enterprise operations. To this end, the results of public sector Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA) shall be employed as a tool to assess weaknesses and limitations in the operations, and inform strategic efforts to improve itscapacity.Thiswillthenliftthestandardsofintegrityandtransparencyoftheorganizations’operations, according to the principles of good corporate governance. 4. To help promote and support state enterprises to establish a state enterprise anti-corruption operations center, or designate an executive or high-level management of the organization as the responsible party for concrete action against corruption and misconduct. 5. To integrate a system for complaint reporting and monitoring corruption cases systematically, to ensure efficient coordination and complaint handling. 6. To cooperate on other tasks as the NACC, SEPO and SOEs see fit. 59 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited