CAT CSR Come together Theaforementionedactivitywasheldon3-4August2017toencouragetheorganization’semployees to learn about corporate social responsibility. The objective was to create an awareness and understanding of the necessity of investing in sustainable CSR and encouraging the participation of management and staff, as well as its important benefit of driving the organization towards sustainable development with consideration for all stakeholders. The activity had 107 participants overall, with 22 from management and 85 staff. Additionally, other partners like community leaders were also invited, for example from Ban Tam Bun Siri Municipal 3 School in Nakhon Nayok and CAT CSR volunteer representatives. They shared their experiences in working with the Wangnamkeo community in Nakhon Ratchasima, so that all participants have a better understanding of the work and may use that to guide their CSR efforts and encourage more participation in creating CSR strategies which lead to sustainable development. 81 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited