Products Details CAT voice CAT 001 – Provides international telephone services through IDD systems (International Direct Dialing). Dial the international access code 001 from all mobile networks. Calls are connected easily with crystal- clear call quality and no disturbing noises and delayed voice signal. CAT 009 – Provides international telephone services with IDD systems (International Direct Dialing) at a reasonable rate. Dial 009 from all mobile networks using either home phones or mobile devices. CAT One-Connect  -- Provides home phone or fixed-line services directly linked from CAT telephone exchanges to where users are located. The call quality is crystal-clear, with calls made both domestically and internationally at a cheap rate. CAT hosted PBX – Provides intra-office phone services via VoIP network using the Cloud PBX. It enables users to activate intra-office phone extensions even without the existence of any PBX system. CAT SIP-Connect - Provides a VoIP-based equipment interconnecting services with SIP trunk. The service provides interconnection for users’ VoIP equipment such as IP-PBX and SIP server, allowing them to make both domestic and international calls at a reasonable cost. . CAT Fax2email - Provides virtual facsimile services allowing users to send and receive fax documents to and from everywhere without actual fax machines, which can reduce operating costs associated with fax machines, printing papers, and ink cartridges. CAT Free Phone Service - Provides collect call services for both domestic and international destinations with the toll free number for calls from Thailand to other countries and the toll free number for calls from foreign countries to Thailand. CAT Audio Conference – Provides audio conference calls in which users can participate in meetings through calls everywhere without an actual meeting venue. Users can also make use of Play Back recording services allowing them to listen to the specifics of previous meetings. CAT 2Call Plus (Link) – Provides VoIP telephone services with geographic telephone numbers that connect users to the Internet everywhere. Users can make and receive calls, as if they are in Thailand. It is suitable for those who often travel overseas. CAT International Call Forward - Provides call forwarding services that transfer incoming calls to virtual phone numbers in foreign destinations. Users can receive calls at a reasonable cost, while still using the same phone number without subscribing to international roaming services. CAT Phonenet/Thaicard – Provides international calling card services for domestic and international calls. Users can use these cards to make calls from Thailand to 233 foreign destinations around the world by using both home phones and mobile devices on all networks. Domestic Toll Free Service in Foreign Country (Paid 800) – Provides a domestic toll free service within particular foreign countries. Calling from other countries not included will be at the expense of users as normal. Those calls will be charged as long distance calls (IDD). 27 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited