Driving the sustainability strategy CAT has a CSR policy to encourage the organization to show its responsibility toward society and the environment. It seeks to leverage the organization’s expertise and capacity for social development and strengthening towards sustainable development. In2017,CATrevieweditsCSRimplementationandimproveditsCSRMasterPlan.Itcreatedastrategic theme on social responsibility for 2016-2020 titled, “CAT Shared Value”, consisting of the 3 following themes: Strategy 1 Enhancing Business from Social Progress Strategy 2 Integrating Community into Value Chain Strategy 3 Leading in Government Cluster Strategies Strategy 1 Enhancing Business forSocialProgress-Operatingasa‘Social economy enterprise’byincreasingaccessto network services to provide national and international coverage. It seeks to improve its products/services and network to cater to the improved quality of life for different social groups and target communities suchasthosewithlowincome,personswithdisabilities,children,elderlies,andothermarginalizedgroups that are unable to access basic telecommunications services. Strategy 2 Integrating Community into Value Chain - Collaborating with business allies to create “shared value” and benefitsforsocietyandtargetcommunitiesthroughtheirparticipationinCAT’svaluechain.Asanorganization that does not have profit as its sole objective, but one that also aims to improve telecommunication system at the national level to enable communities to access basic telecommunications system and to utilize them efficiently. Strategy 3 Leading in Government Cluster - Aiming to take a leadership role in providing service to “Government Cluster” by being at the forefront of providing telecommunications services to the public sector. It will improve the efficiency of the government cluster’s work such as government agencies and various networks related through CAT’s telecommunication product and services. 63 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited