Sustainability Risk Management Intoday’sever-changingworldasaresultoftheadventoftechnologicaladvances,severalbusinesses are caught up in operational delays since they could not adapt to these advances. A good number of them even have to cease their operations. CAT has identified and analyzed all types of risks that could have negative impacts on the achievement of its objectives, collectively taking into consideration factors and events that represent internal weaknesses (W) and threats (T). These aspects cover 4 areas: Compliance Risk, Financial Risk, Strategic Risk, and Operation Risk. Details are as follows: Risks Factors and Events Compliance Risk T2Governmentshareholders’policies,corporategovernanceentities,andlegalinstruments enforced by government entities result in the lack of competitiveness potential, as well as the lack of flexibility in business operations. Financial Risk W5 Only able to generate profits lower than other private service providers. Relies on 47 percent of its main revenue gained from the wholesale service of mobile phones. Strategic Risk T1 Prone to more intense competitions, one of which is the arrival of new competitors who have the customer base in the telecommunications market. This leads to the reduction of market share, especially in areas of mobile phone businesses and broadband Internet businesses. Operation Risk W1 Must streamline unstable work processes that impact business operations. Develop project management plans, work plans, and budget management plans that meet set goals and yield results as initially envisaged. W2 Lack important information and information management systems to mobilize business strategies, despite being equipped with the good IT infrastructure. W3Lackmanpowerandpersonnelcompetency.Employeesmustbesufficientlydeveloped and aligned with the needs of each agency within the organization. W4 Face a fluctuating level of employee engagement. It is bound to be even lower as a result of the organizational reform policy. T3 Exposed to the changing behavior of consumers due to the technology and lifestyle. Inaddition,theyopttousealternateproductsviasocialnetworks.OTTplayersalsoattribute to these changes. 39 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited