On behalf of the company that conducts business in the field of telecommunications in Thailand, CAT Public Company Limited (CAT) recognizes the important role it plays in supporting all Thai citizens to have widespread access to information technology network services. CAT aligns its business model with the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy that seeks to incorporate communications technology into the nation’s development in order to make Thailand secure, prosperous, and sustainable. Nowadays, CAT expands its communications network to cover remote areas where communities are located, as well as to allow them opportunities to have access to its telecommunications network more conveniently. In doing so, it increases the potential and development of communities, prompting them to thrive in a robust manner. In2017,CAT’sCorporateSocialResponsibility(CSR)operationsprioritizestheemergingtechnologyof the Internet of Things (IoT) by applying Internet-related concepts to all kinds of connectivity and people’s lifestyles.CAThasalsobroughtinspecializedemployeestoprovideacorrectandappropriateunderstanding of the use of technology to a variety of communities. Based on the findings of its previous CSR operations, CAT has continued to improve the quality of life of communities by working with citizens at the community level to respond to the development of solutions through various dimensions such as agriculture, health, and education, all of which serve as an integrated device that can be used to better develop big picture solutions to both community and social problems. In the meantime, the direction of CAT’s operations has significantly become clearer, which corresponds to its strategy which previously laid out CSR activities in a concrete manner. With regard to other CSR activities that include the likes of the CAT Learning Center in remote areas, CAT will continue on with this project in conjunction with its normal operations. CAT will not stop making use of its corporate potential to assist with the development of our community and society. CAT has conceived plans to develop internal and external personnel, focusing on providing them with opportunities and developing thinkers who come from a group of new generations. To this end, CAT hopes to build an alliance network aimed at creating the body of knowledge, which leads to the society that triggers the exchange of learning and creates a shared value chain. In conclusion, these plans will help to provide the maximum benefit to the development of our community, society, and nation in the future. Message from Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Chairman Mr. Narin Kalayanamit Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Chairman 7 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited