The Chalee-3 Submarine Cable Station – Chonburi stands ready to provide ISO 9001:2015 standard service TheChalee-3SubmarineCableStation-ChonburihasimplementedtheISO9001:2015QualityManagement Systems standard to ensure it stands ready to provide world-class service quality, while continuing to develop and improve its quality management system to guarantee customer satisfaction. International submarine fiber optic cable network service is provided through the Chali 3 Submarine Cable Station with AAG submarine cable network. The station ensures the availability of services through the international submarine cable network, and is also responsible for 99.99% of the contingency plan operations. At present, CAT has built 5 submarine cable stations namely 1. The Chalee-1 Submarine Cable Station – Phetburi Province 2. The Chalee-2 Submarine Cable Station – Songkhla Province 3. The Chalee-3 Submarine Cable Station – Chonburi Province 4. The Chalee-4 Submarine Cable Station – Satun Province 5. The Chalee-5 Submarine Cable Station – Chumphon Province CATwinsthegloballyrenownedIFMAwards2017fordigitalinfrastructuredevelopment CAT won the “Best Contribution to Digital Infrastructure Development Thailand” from the IFM Awards 2017 event, held in Singapore. It is a prestigious award given to people and organizations implementing change in various aspects, including to those who make great contributions to the economy at the regional or global level. Presently,CATiscontributingeffortstowardsbuildingsmartcities,usingLoRatechnologytoconnectdifferent tools through the Internet of Things. This effort will help accelerate different aspects of economic development in various regions. CAT is also helping to develop Digital Park Thailand, an innovation hub which will play an important role in developing digital innovation for business and will directly contribute to Thailand’s economic growth. 133 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited