Products Details CAT e-business (Multimedia) CATe-entertainment–Providescommunicationsystemsfornews,knowledgeandentertainment, allowing users a platform to own channels and distribute their content in whatever formats they desire. It also offers streaming system services renting out encoder equipment to TV and radio stations, or other organizations in possession of streaming contents, which can be streamed via CAT e-Entertainment. CAT e-Learning–Presentsinstructionalmediatoanunlimitednumberoflearnerssystematically. It is flexible, quick, stable, easy to learn, time-saving, and cost-efficient when it comes to setting up workshops. It is suitable for academic institutions, tutors, or other training entities, or other career groups that need to enhance their learning regularly. CAT e-business (Supply Chain) iget POS – Manages and raises the profile of shopping businesses at users’ fingertips. It is a convenient and user-friendly mobile application that helps to manage shop fronts, which can be used everywhere. It helps to track the status of all items in their shops, regardless of time and locations. It is highly secure and has a system that conducts daily accounting reports, which help to analyze strategies and raise the level of shop management rapidly. CATEDI–Functionsasadataexchangeapplicationthatsupportsavarietyofelectronicdocuments with ebXML international standards recognized by users worldwide. For instance, it is used to receive and send paperless customs clearance CAT Supply Chain Visibility – Offers the Saas application service consisting of 3 major systems includingOrderManagementSystem;ProductDeliveryandReceiptSystem;andAutomaticInvoice System, all of which help selling and buying companies to collaborate within their supply chain. They are also able to see the entire order placement process in their chain thoroughly. CAT e-smart farm -- Monitors and tracks agricultural products and allows consumers of these products to be aware of their sources. Operators for agricultural products can manage and solve problems promptly, which adds value to Thai agricultural products and make them safe with quality management. In doing so, it will make them able to compete with foreign competitors effectively. CAT e-smart farm provides services to three groups: vegetables, fruits, and orchards. CAT mobile my – Provides mobile phone and high-speed Internet services with 3G capacity in the 850 MHZ band and 4G capacity in the 1800/2100 Mhz band. It has nationwide signal coverage to transmit pictures and voices in both postpaid and prepaid packages. 33 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited