Special zone development With CAT’s development of the Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), a stable link of information will be achieved in special development zones serving as important targets, including: Digital Park Thailand CAThasinitiatedthedevelopmentofDigitalParkThailand,whichcoversmorethan700rai,inSriRacha district. It seeks to transform it into a fully integrated digital innovative city in the EEC as a special zone with digital environment to support investors and startups in the creation and improvement of innovations and services for a smart city, which will increase value in this area and support the effort to move Thailand towards the 4.0 era. CAT also plans to establish a subsidiary to administer and manage its projects by seeking out partnership with private sector’s investment. The Digital Park Thailand has been included as one of PPP and EEC co-investment project. The investor vetting process is expected to take place at the earliest by the third quarter next year. Phuket Smart City It is considered to be the prototype of a smart city with 100 percent functional infrastructure and 1,000 Free Wifi spots installed by CAT throughout Phuket. The city has been equipped with a platform of LORA technology and low energy wireless network to facilitate signals between highly efficient sensors and save energy costs simultaneously. Currently, Smart Logistics systems have been put in placetoprovideGPStrackingservicesmonitoringvehiclesandmotorcycles.Inaddition,othersystems have been launched, one of which is Smart Utility used to support smart meters for public utility infrastructureslike waterworksandelectricity.Theyalsoinclude monitoringmeasuresof environment quality by using, for example, meters to measure water levels dampness levels below the ground, which can be used in disaster warning effectively. CAT is capable of supporting many applications beneficial to tourists and residents of Phuket, and the agency will expand the success in the Phuket Smart City project to cover Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, and other regions. Furthermore, CATis prioritizing cooperation withallsectors todevelop newdigital innovations. Ithassigned an agreement with PTT to integrate “Innovative Eastern Economic Corridor” (EECi) in Wang Chan valley, Rayong province, and “Innovative Digital Eastern Economic Corridor (EECd)” in Sri Racha district, Chonburi province through a joint cooperative effort, such as electric vehicles (EV), adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect natural gas in lieu of helicopters that PTT currently employs. Meanwhile, the Communications Authority of Thailand also has a Data Center to store its Big Data, which requires high volume of energy. This being the case, they will collaborate with each other to consider approaches to constructing a power plant to support its operations. 89 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited