Significant Organizational Changes in the year of 2017 In 2017, CAT Public Company Limited went through significant organizational changes, one of which was a reshuffle of the corporate governance and CSR committee. Mr. Rathapol Bhakdibhumi was the former committee chairman. As a result of the reshuffle, Mr. Narin Kalayanamit replaced him as the committee chairman. Colonel Sanpachai Huvanandana, Ph.D., former CAT director, resigned on April 26, 2016 in order to be in the running to become the President of CAT. In addition, in accordance with the charter of the CAT committee, a team of 3 committee members was appointed, as opposed to a team of 4 in the past. Following the aforementioned reshuffle of the committee chairman, CAT has proceeded to change its corporate vision from “being the leading national telecommunications service provider” to “being the national leading digital and telecommunications service provider.” As a way to demonstrate the deep commitment of CAT to representing the organization that provides digital telecommunications services in keeping with the 20-year national strategic framework (B.E. 2560-2579), CAT has also implemented Thailand’s Twelfth Economic and Social Development Plan, Thailand 4.0 Policy, and the National Digital Economy Master Plan (DE), all of which are carried out in accordance with the government’s policy. Both shareholders in the government sector (Ministry of Finance) and state enterprise policy committee members (SEPO) put emphasis on the establishment of security in the telecommunications infrastructure and communications businesses in order to support the development of the nation’s digital economy and society and to gear towards Thailand 4.0. These factors can also generate benefits and strengthen both organization and nation’s competitive edge sustainably. From the guided vision and role, CAT works to solve corporate problems quickly and to restructure the organization for its survival in the long run. For this reason, CAT has furthered the mission of the organization in 4 areas as follows: M M M M To reform the organization in an attempt to increase efficiency and support the government sector in providing national digital services. To develop and explore digital and telecommunications services by ushering in cutting-edge and new technologies and innovations that respond to the needs of customers. To continuously expand the customer base and deliver a good customer experience. To create appropriate returns for shareholders and stakeholders, as well as to carry out its operations in support of the government’s policy, with responsibilities to society. 13 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited