Products Details CAT data center CAT data center – Serves as a central network center providing full-fledged Internet services such as server co-location facilities and temp offices for rent with both TSI Level 3 and ISO 27001:2013 standards. It has highly tight security systems and 2 power distribution systems, all of which are linked to Thailand’s largest Internet Gateway. These centers are filled with premium quality hardware and software and provide nationwide services. CAT has the highest number of data centers in Thailand, covering 8 areas as follows: CAT Bangrak Data Center; CAT Nonthaburi 1 Data Center; Nonthaburi 2 CAT Data Center; CAT Sriracha Data Center. CAT Phuket Data Center; CAT Khon Kaen Data Center; CAT Surat Thani Data Center, and CAT Chiang Mai Data Center. IRIS Cloud IRIS Cloud – Provides rental virtual servers where users can choose the size and capacity of different resources such as CPU, RAM and Storage. They can also choose operating systems that fit their needs at any time and place through Internet-connecting devices. CAT is also determined to develop these services in order to cement its bona-fide position as Thailand’s IRIS CLOUD No.1 Trustable Cloud Provider. IRIS STARTUP – Provides prepaid Cloud services to support the needs of SMEs and Startups and appropriately tailor them to business types. Its uniqueness is such that Cloud services are easy to use and quick. It is also convenient to contact staff members without concern for a language barrier. Users do not have to worry about time zone differences because Cloud services are provided in Thailand, which helps to reduce operating costs associated with data transfer processes. Radio Communication Trunked Mobile – Provides ad hoc radio communication services in the 800 MHz band. CAT has a server that provides group communication services. CAT Private Pager – Provides private paging systems used to communicate within organizations. They facilitate text messaging within the radius of users’ offices. CAT Privated Radio – Provides personal radio communication services used to communicate within individual networks on an ad hoc basis. They can be instailled in mobile devices, vehicles, and permanent locations. Space Rental Services CAT Tower – An 30-storey architectural building nestled on the edge of the Chao Phraya River on Charoen Krung Road. It is a perfect telecommunications center and serves as a telecommunications gateway with maximum efficiency. It has full-fledged public utilities and facilities with rental services including meeting and seminar rooms, reception rooms, rental office space, and small gardens overlooking the Chao Phraya River. CAT Tower is also used to provide outdoor activities and other activities in different formats. CAT Convention Hall – Provides rental room services in different formats: wedding receptions, New Year parties, reunion parties, welcoming parties, and new product launching events, all of which are organized in a variety of ways, with a 1,500 square meter utility space.. SirindhornSatelliteStation–FunctionsasCAT’sthirdsatellitestationestablishedtocatapultThailand into a telecommunications center in Southeast Asia. Within the station located in an area of more than 416,000 square meters (260 Rai), it provides accomodation services, meeting and seminar room rentals, and fully serviced facilities such as a club building and a sports ground CAT Teleport Chonburi–Providesmeetingroomrentalservices.CATTeleportChonburiislocatedon the second floor of CAT’s International Telephone Exchange Building within the area adjacent to the Sriracha Telecommunications Center on Bypass Road, Sai 36, Tung Sukala Subdistrict, Sriracha District, Chon Buri Province. It can accommodate up to 200 meeting participants, with modern equipment, fully-serviced amenities, and free WiFi high-speed Internet. 37 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited