Nonetheless, CAT is driven to continue to comprehensively improve and adapt the communication around its products and services, in compliance with NBTC’s measures, rules and regulations. It aims to minimize any mistakes resulting from its services in the future. Although the Company received complaints about its various services, there were no product or service that had to be suspended due to its violation of laws or public suspicion. Main issue/complaint Cause Solution 1. 4G speed is not as high as advertised • The customer registered for the my 4G Max Speed package with maximum speed of 100 Mbps. Presently, the maximum speed is 20 Mbps and the connection is not as stable when compared to other networks which are as fast as 80 Mbps. • Wireless Operations and Maintenance Department surveyed the usage area and found no issue. The connection worked normally. However, the quality is contingent on the number of users, the environment, and the customer’s device. • Wireless Sales and Marketing Department reviews the appropriateness of quality/price in the 4G market. 2. Customer was unable to purchase the additional internet package, which then incurred expensive costs based on the main package calculation. • OM RTC system was facing issues • The Wireless Sales and Marketing Department reviewed the case and appropriately compensated the customer. 3. Effects from high frequency waves emitted from the signal tower. • Citizens in nearby areas lack the knowledge and understanding of waves transmission. • Signal tower is very close to residences and obstructs the view or visibility. • The Wireless Engineering Department proceeded to engage with the people to create an understanding around radio communication station establishment, according to NBTC’s notification. 4. Internet issues lasting for days, with delayed repair efforts. • The project to move cables underground at Phayathai, along Sukhumvit Rd., had caused a disruption in internet service provision to several customers in the area. • Lack of communication with customers to ensure a clear understanding of the schedule, the time and place of field operations. • The Domestic Network Department addressed the issue by changing the route for new communication cables installation, or set up temporary Router WiFi to ameliorate the aforementioned issue, along with reducing a portion of service fees. • CAT Customer Service/a local unit reviews the issue and addressed it as soon as possible. 5. Delayed internet installation with no clear set date, occuring in the area under the responsibility of CAT Buzz TV Co., Ltd. • CAT Buzz TV’s services are not being delivered to customer’s satisfaction • Difficulties in communicating with CAT Buzz TV staff • The Retail Marketing and Business Management Department quickly coordinated with CAT Buzz TV to schedule a date with the customer within 7 working days, or as agreed with the customer, in compliance with regulations. 6. Communication cables are hung too low, appears to be obstructive and disorderly and may lead to danger. • Improper cable storage • Cables are in poor conditions • CAT Customer Service/ a local unit inspected the cables and carried out necessary repairs In 2017, there were the following complaints resulting from non-compliance with Consumer Protection Act or laws related to disclosure of customer data, communication, and advertisement of the organization’s products and services. 125 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited