Furthermore, CAT also established the following complaint channels: Website  Within the organization: https://intranet.cattelecom.com under heading ‘CG’  External parties: www.cattelecom.com under Contact us – File a complaint Fax 0-2104-3860 Through CAT Telecom Public Company Limited’s Good corporate governance network Complaint handling unit under the President’s Office (Tel.) 0-2104-4501, 0-2104-4502 In addition to establishing an anti-corruption policy and communicating it with management, staff, employees, as well as external stakeholders, CAT also evaluated departments with corruption risks in 2017. The findings found a total of 16 cases of corruption. The Company then took action per regulations established, and will continue to take action in combating corruption within its organization. Compliance with laws and regulations CAT, asatelecommunications service provider, operates asa“social economy enterprise”. Itseeks to develop its product, services and network in a way which will benefit society and target communities to increase their capacity so that they may become a part of CAT’s business processes. It is also considered a way to equip the organization with a “good immune” system, conducting its business with an awareness of its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen, having integrity, respect for guidelines, regulations and laws, as well as having equal considerations for internal and external stakeholders. In2017,CAThadintotal625casesoflegaldisputes,consistingof346prosecutionsand279executions (data as of 31 December 2017). Promoting sustainable societies CAT has measures to enforce compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and perform its social responsibilities. This includes cooperation, providing help and support and volunteering for activities beneficial to communities and society, to promote economic strength, and social and cultural revival. In 2017, the Company contributed to the development of the economy, society and environment, according to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy which takes into account all related stakeholders. It places emphasis on CSR in Process, which means responsibility for products and services are constantly being developed and improved. CSR after Process had also been continuously implemented, leveraging the organization’s network’s capacity to maximize its benefits. It sets up telecommunications network for rural areas to provide access to all kinds of communication for all, to improve the quality of life for people in society, and to drive the country’s development in the future. 61 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited