Environmental Performance Aspect CAT proceeds with and develops appropriate energy-saving systems by assigning energy conservation as part of the organization’s operations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. CAT will improve the efficiency of energy use within the organization consistently and appropriately with its technological operations under good operational protocols. CAT will designate plans and goals in energy conservation each year and communicate them to all personnel so that they understand and comply with the policies. CAT recognizes energy conservation as a responsibility of executives of all levels and every staff member to cooperate in compliance with the measures. The operations are monitored and results are submitted to an energy conservation working group. CAT will provide necessary support, including human resources, budgets, working time, training, and participation in presenting opinions about energy development. Both senior-level executives and energy conservation working group will revise and adjust policies, goals and operational plans in energy on an annual basis. CAT has integrated environmental procedures and protocols into its production, services, and operations in compliance with the CSR In Process that focuses on reducing pollution, using resources efficiently, mitigating and adjusting to the Global Warming phenomenon, and protecting and recovering living natural systems. Throughout 2017, CAT has engaged in activities to save energy in the organization under the name “Replacing fluorescent lighting tubes with energy-efficient T5 tubes” project, replacing fluorescent lighting tubes at CAT offices in Lak Si, Nonthaburi and Bang Rak in accordance with the following environmental policies: Environmental policies Materials Management 93 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited