Business ethics 1. Perform duties with conscientiousness and awareness of responsibilities, with integrity, determination and dedication. Be in strict compliance with the Company’s rules and policies, placing the Company’s interests first. 2. Protect confidential information of the Company, as well as relevant stakeholders. 3. Refrain from offensive remarks or behaviors that may lead to loss of morale or cause damage to the Company and relevant external parties. 4. Treat colleagues with politeness, kindness and courtesy. 5. Respect colleagues’ rights. 6. Recognize the importance of promoting and fostering harmony and cohesion among staff. 7. Report on violations or behaviors which are suspicious of violating the Company’s regulations, to the individual or office designated by the Company to receive complaints. 8. Refrain from soliciting,accepting,giving or promising any benefits to/from business partners and relevant stakeholders. 9. Attend to and support any activity that will conserve good work environment and atmosphere, which also includes using the limited resources to their maximum efficiency. Anti-corruption CAT recognizes the importance of combating corruption, and inculcates it as part of its corporate values. It has applied 7 main principles of good corporate governance to its operations, which consist of Accountability Responsibility Equitable Treatment Transparency Value Creation Ethics Participation 57 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited