CAT’s Assessment of Material Aspects of Sustainability CAT has dealt with the material aspects of sustainability by gathering and prioritizing these aspects relateditsbusinessoperations.Inthisregard,thecompanyhasalsoreliedonitsengagementwithstakeholders by surveying their opinions, so as to review its assessment of the material aspects of sustainability. The steps are as follows: Step 1 Identification CAT gathers the material aspects of the company’s sustainability by taking into account the nature and strategies of its business, operational risks, standard GRI indicators, international standards, and the world’s trends in the same business type. The company also takes into consideration the expectations of its stakeholders. Step 2 Prioritization CAT organizes workshops to consider the level of impacts related to each group of its stakeholders and reviews the level of significance by analyzing the viewpoints of its stakeholders. In tandem with senior- level executives and relevant employees, these factors are used to define report content. Step 3 Validation CAT validates the material aspects of the company’s sustainability through the assistance of the Public Relations and Communications Department prior to presenting all validated material aspects to senior-level executives for their consideration and approval, so that they can affirm those aspects have significance under the Scope and Aspect Boundaries both within and outside of the company. Step 4 Review CAT’ssenior-levelexecutivesareresponsiblefortrackingandexaminingthemakingofthissustainability report, while also providing suggestions that could be relied upon to make the report complete and inclusive, covering all material aspects relevant to the company and its stakeholders. They are also tasked with endorsing and verifying the veracity of information. CAT will proceed to allow third party entities to examine the report, so as to ensure the completeness of the report in the future. Step 5 Continuity of Development CAT is committed to developing its sustainability report continuously by taking into account the opinions and suggestions of it stakeholders through a questionnaire which is in the appendix of the report. In doing so, these stakeholders are able to reflect on the company’s sustainability operations in a crystal- clear manner. 51 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited