Other activities Implementation according to the government’s policy CAT provided education opportunities to students at Ban Nong Ngu Luam School, Bangpluang, Ban Sang, Prachinburi. It was one of the schools selected from across the country, as part of a project to create a better quality of life for disadvantaged students, in line with government’s policy. The objective was to improve and ensure adequate school structure, that it provides good nutrition and promote health. It also established an electronic system for education and created an enabling environment for students to flourish in school by supporting the construction of a school building and an IT learning center. It also set up computers with relevant equipment and established internet connectivity. Additionally, CAT built a new futsal court and re-painted wooden school buildings. The Ban Nong Ngu Luam School was selected as the learning center for Prachinburi’s elementary education office for Area 1. Universal Service Obligation CAT continued to provide comprehensive basic telecommunications services as a Universal Service Obligation (USO). It installed public telephones, using CAT 3G, GSM, iPSTAR satellite and fixed line telephone networks, aswellassettingupcommunities’ internetcentersusingCATONNetnetworkwhichencompasses fiberopticcable, WiFiandiPSTAR satellite systems. After aperiod of implementation, it became evident that the community and education institutions had improvements in various aspects. For example, students at Jaophorluangupatum 5 School, Mae Sai in Chiang Rai, had better grades and did more research via internet, finding information with which they were able to employ for an effectively better quality of life. 83 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited