Products Details CAT datacom CAT THIX - Provides IP transit services to local Internet Service Providers (ISP) and helps connect them to international contents around the world by means of existing submarine communications cables. CAT NIX – Serves as Internet exchange in Thailand. It helps to reduce operating costs for local ISPs as it allows them to use it as a one-stop connection spot enabling them to have access to all websites linked to CAT NIX. CAT Private Line – Provides high-speed data communication services focused on organizational network privacy, with the assistance of SDH technology in sending and recieving data through an optical fiber cable. CAT Ethernet – Provides high-speed data communication services through IP network technology designed to increase the efficiency of communication among organizations, and to enable them to transmit and receive data to/from headquarters and branches at high speed. CAT MPLS – Provides high-speed data communication services for corporate networks linked together by MPLS technology. It helps to streamline communication among organizations so that they can make use of these networks cost-effectively with maximum efficiency. CAT Globesat – Provides data communication services both domestically and internationally via sattelite service. It transmits data, video and voice by at the speed of 64 kbps – 45 Mbps. CAT iPSTAR – Provides high-speed Internet services designed for organizations that need to receive and transmit data between agencies and branch offices in different areas, regardless of distance restrictions. CAT TV Transmission - Provides both local and international television broadcast via ISO 9001 certified Nonthaburi earth station, with its digital system able to provide worldwide television transmission service. CAT Convergence Service – Provides a communication package that offers MPLS services and CAT Hosted PBX services, and VoIP services for organizations that demand speed and businesses that range from SMEs to convergence enterprises. It is also suitable for organizations that value data transmission via Private Network in conjunction with the use of the Internet and VoIP. CAT Sat-Connect Solution – Provides services linking telephone and Internet circuits with C-Band satellite to users directly through effective CAT telephone and Internet exchanges with guaranteed bandwidth both domestically and internationally. It is suitable for businesses in areas where there are no ground communication networks. Type of Products 25 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited