Stakeholders Channels and Frequencies of Engagement Expectations Approaches to Responding to Expectations Government Shareholder (Ministry of Finance) Hold meetings for working groups / committee members in order to track the progress once a month. Arrange to send meeting resolutions and corporate governance policy to shareholders. Achieve operational goals as anticipated and succeed in reinvigorating and developing the organization sustainably. Achieve good revenues and profits without becoming a burden to the government sector. Collect revenues and distribute them to the government in an efficient manner, while able to maintain a robust financial status without posing a financial burden to the government. Execute operations in accordance with the policy and mobilize CSR activities efficiently for the benefit of both community and society. Responsible Agency (Ministry of Digital Economy and Society) Hold meetings for working groups/ committee members to discuss joint operations on a monthly basis. Respond to the nation’s digital policy and build a collaborative environment for joint operations. Devise management plans to bring about efficiency and effectiveness. Perform duties with honesty and transparency, taking into account the benefit of both public and government sectors. Regulatory Authority (NBCT.) Report services quality related to landline phones and mobile phones every 3 months. Report aspects of SOE information via GFMIS system annually. Provide services with legal standards stipulated by NBCT and never take advantage of customers. Perform duties with honesty and transparency, taking into account the benefit of both public and government sector. Comply with rules and regulations. Trading partner Establish direct contact with customers, or through email, website, or phone, keeping in line with the needs of customers and trading partners on a regular basis. Deal with phone contracts and sell CAT international call cards or codes to other companies. Distribute information on international call services for verification purposes. Gain returns in line with the terms and conditions of the agreement. Gain financial stability. Perform duties and operate business with trading partners with fairness. Refrain from taking advantage of them and comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement. 47 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited