Products Details CAT cyfence IT Professional Training – Provides workshops on Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Business Continuity and Crisis Management System, so as to raise the standards for IT security and business operations to match those at the international standards. Security System Integration – Provides consulting and procurement services which include installing IT Security equipment and finding the equipment that respond to all kinds of organizational needs. This will help customers to obtain quality and functional equipment at an appropriate cost. Security Standard Consulting–ProvidesconsultingservicesandsetsupInformationSecurityManagement Systems to raise the level of organizations to be in possession of effective and safe management systems in line with international standards. DDoS Protection - Provides DDoS Protection services to users who do not need to install any software or hardware; they only need to use the technique of a DNS record in order to send traffic from customers’ web servers to CAT cyfence DDoS Protection systems, which will protect their servers from outside attacks. These protection services also make servers process faster (Caching). Web Monitoring – Monitors the running of websites and check whether they stop functioning (up/down time). Monitor any website defacement and other abnormalities through the Security Operation Center (SOC) that operates 24 hours a day. IT Risk Assessment – Provides risk assessment services for IT systems in order to assist with the prevention of any possible threats that can be posed to those systems. Analyze loopholes, as well as monitor and test the security of IT systems. Provide advice to close existing loopholes and mitigate chances of any threat that could inflict damage on the organization’s internal systems. CAT CCTV Solution – Provides physical security maintenance services through Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems on the Internet. Offer such services to groups of customers who would like to be on the lookout for threats arising from a variety of events for purposes of verifying, observing, and preparing for any possible threats promptly. Email Security – Provides security maintenance services for emails by screening unwanted emails and making all incoming emails received by the organization free from threats such as viruses, spams, phishing. In addition, this will not only protect email servers from being attacked, but also keep customers’ data from being leaked to the public. All@Secure –ProvidesITsecuritymaintenanceservicesbyinstallingUnitedThreatManagementequipment within each organization that uses the Internet, so as to allow them to raise the IT security standards and reduce their investment burden and annual equipment maintenance costs. Secure Log Management – Provides log file management services in accordance with Thailand’s Cyber Crime Act B.E. 2550, which helps organizations to store and gather the traffic data from different devices within their network systems without having to invest in log file-storing systems. There are also experts tasked with conducting a log file analysis to find evidence that could be linked to offenders. Managed Security Service (MSS) – Provides IT security management systems through the Security Operation Center in ways that monitor any system invasion on a real-time basis 24 hours per day. There are security system analysts and experts standing ready to observe these threats and new loopholes and alert organizations to them in a prompt manner. They are also prepared to solve problems and analyze the security status of each organization’s IT systems. 35 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited