6 individuals suffered from work-related accidents, including 5 employees and 1 worker. However, the company conducted an investigation into the causes of those problems and proceeded to solve them in an orderly fashion. CAT will revise and improve its policy on occupational health and safety and work environment consistently to prevent accidents in the workplace and reduce them to zero. There are no formal agreements on the topic of occupational health and safety and work environment betweenthecompanyandtheunionfederation,becausethecompanyhasstrictlycompliedwiththeannouncement of State Enterprise Labor Relations Committee on the minimum standards of employment conditions for state enterprise employees. Labor Practices Grievance Mechanisms CAT regards all employees and workers as a main factor contributing to its business operations that add value to the company and help to move the company toward sustainability. Therefore, the company gives utmost importance to their treatment, including developing the competency of employees and works at all levels fairly and equally. However, if any employees or workers are exposed to unfair treatment, they can file their complaints throughthewelfareandlaborrelationsmanagementdivisioninaccordancewiththecompany’sregulationsedition 39 on labor practices B.E. 2560, or through the State Enterprise Labor Relations Committee established under the State Enterprise Labor Relations Act B.E. 2543, or through the state enterprise labor union of CAT, which has set up a complaint channel via the CAT business relations committee and complaints section of the senior executive committee division. In 2017, a total of 514 complaints were filed. CAT has solved 496 complaints, and 18 more are in the process of being solved expeditiously. 111 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited