Products Details CAT internet C Internet – Provides high-speed Internet services through a Fiber Optic Network (FTTx) that have high efficiency in receving and sending data with better signal quality in HD mode. Users can surf the Internet more swiftly. CAT Corporate Internet – Provides broadband Internet services directly connected to CAT’s largest Internet Gateway in Thailand. It is suitable for private business companies, governmentsectors,andotherorganizationsthatrequirehighlystableInternetconnectivity 24 hours a day without any data transmission and reception restrictions. CAT WiFi – Provides high-speed wireless Internet services via efficient Internet networks available nationwide. CAT WiFi offers a new option responding to all current lifestyles. C nema – Provides Over-the-Top (OTT) media services, Movie On Demand services, and TV online services through a C nema android box, a mobile application “Prime Time,” and a website at CAT partners with Primetime Soulution Public Company Limited to provide these services. CAT Managed VP – Provides a virtual network through the Internet, which offers users the flexibility in sending and receiving data between branches by linking their networks together. It is highly secure, which makes users confident that they can conduct business everywhere. It also helps to reduce operating costs and any communication-related costs effectively. CAT Cable Broadband – Provides Internet services using cable TV networks (through TV cables). Cable TV subscribers can watch TV and surf the Internet simultaneously without the need for phone lines. 29 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited