Complaint channels Number of complaints (cases) 1. Through CAT Contact Center 1322 61 2. BMTC 18 3. Telephone 12 4. Complaint website 12 5. e-mail 7 6. Post 7 7. Office of the Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office 2 Total 119 Beginning of the procedure Complaint channels: Telephone, fax, website, etc. The responsible unit receives the complaint and submits a copy for administrator‘s information Administrator registers the complaint Registers the complaint and takes on the responsibility Reviews the case Ungrounded Grounded and has implications for CAT Notify the responsible unit to take appropriate actions and report back for administrator’s information Grounded, general complaint Notify the customer that the complaint is accepted, along with the case number and follow-up channels Submits quarterly reports to CEO Notify customer of the result The responsible unit provides an update to administrator every 30 days If the complaint must be reviewed by the court, administrator must close the case until the court’s decision has been concluded Case resolved End of the procedure Log into the system, register the complaint and issue a case number Relay the case to the responsible unit immediately or on the next the working day after the case is registered, at the latest, for further investigation and redress according to the responsible unit’s process Notify the person who lodged the complaint Case resolved Standard Operating Procedure for receiving and handling complaints 123 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited