Tracking and Assessment Engages in a variety activities and other projects in accordance with knowledge management processes to push the organization toward an organization of learning and innovation. Organizational policies Consists of modules undertaken by relevant agencies to support: • Policies/organizational strategies/work fields to reinvigorate business/ operational plans • Workflow improvement/ troubleshooting in administration/duty performance in accordance with law Survey needs from each work field to designate training modules or curriculums that correspond to policies / strategies Develops section chiefs and executives and above to increase business and leadership knowledge. They consist of the following: • Development according to work positions divided into 5 levels • Provision of Training to executives by external agencies • Situational training and seminars/workshops Get employees ready before they assume new duties or begin their job. Workforce Development Plan of CAT Public Company Limited from 2017 - 2021 Skills Development according to work positions Provides development training based on competency according to job positions to department heads and below. They consist of development curriculums as follows: • Core Competency that is in harmony with CAT Culture • Leadership Competency • Operational Competency • Functional Skills Evaluate competency and make Individual Development Plans (IDP) 1 2 3 4 Development of skills and talents to respond to policies/strategies Training Roadmap (TRM) Senior-level employee training plans Strategic policy training plans Innovative organization training plans TRAINING NEEDS Workforce Development CAT prioritizes the development of its workforce in all positions and levels by designating annual human resource development plans. There are 4 plans that respond to business operations ranging from organizations and agencies to individuals. These development plans consist of Training Roadmap-based training plans, senior-level employee training plans, strategic policy training plans, and innovative organization training plans. The conception of these plans came from an analysis of the necessity in training and development from the organization’ policies, work fields, and business groups. On top of what is mentioned above, an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is also included and used to evaluate the competency of all employees in different job positions from department heads/office directors to employees at all levels. Details are as follows: 105 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited