In 2017, CAT has developed its workforce by methods of different training modules, integrating technology and knowledge management into its workforce development. To this end, it enables personnel to perform duty efficiently as anticipated by the organization. Furthermore, all employees can apply both knowledge and skills gained from training to their present and post-retirement lives. 64,057 hours in total are spent on training, with 5,452 participants, resulting in an average of 11.75 hour of training per person per year. There have been 3 classes of retirement preparation modules in order to prepare employees to live their lives after retirement with quality both physically and mentally. Occupational Health and Safety CAT puts safety before all issues and recognizes it as the main value in creating a culture of safety that covers the entire organization. The company is committed to excellence in safety reflected in all procedures, operations, and activities, which all employees at all levels must be responsible for. With the goal to become a company free of accidents to all employees and stakeholders, the company designated these measures listed below, including occupational health and safety and the good working environment. 1. Encourage employees and workers to participate in the management of occupational health and safety and work environment, as well as foster a culture of safety within the organization. 2. Organizesafetyplansandmanualson occupationalhealthandwork environmentto generateefficiency and communicate them to employees and workers. 3. Encourage employees and workers to recognize their responsibilities about their occupational health and work environment and communities around their operating areas. 4. Perform duties strictly in accordance with law, regulations and standards related to occupational health and safety and work environment. 5. Carve out contingency plans to bring about preparedness in response to those emergency situations. 6. Develop and improve the accident management system with maximum efficiency in reporting and investigating causes in order to prevent repeated accidents. 7. Conduct an evaluation and verify practices in line with the abovementioned measures. Furthermore, CAT has designated strategies for occupational health and safety and work environment to allow personnel to operate in a good environment, reduce the rate of work-related accidents and promote good health. Details are as follows: 107 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited