CAT Learning Center activities in the North CAT established an IT learning center and provided knowledge to students and members of the community. It focused on the Sufficiency Economy philosophy which is balanced, well-grounded and sustainable, while leveraging ICT capacity to drive community members towards beneficial knowledge sources, enabling them to be sustainably self-sufficient. These centers were established at two schools, namely 1. Baan Mhai Rattanakosin School at Mae Moh, Lampang on 4 September 2017. CAT inaugurated the CAT Learning Center Audio-Visual room for the students. The Center will be instrumental in conveying knowledge and reducing inequality in access to ICT. 2. CAT built the “Jitsatta 10” library building for Baan Laanta Meung School at Baan Mhai Chaimongkol, Tungsaliem, Sukhothai on 2 December 2017. This effort is part of the “10th One province, one library” initiative, which also included providing stationery and tools for learning, internet and IT training to support the community’s capacity to access information sources. 69 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited