Stakeholders Channels and Frequencies of Engagement Expectations Approaches to Responding to Expectations Employee/ Worker Meet with employees directly, or through email and phone on a regular basis. Communicate news through internal channels such as journals, CAT Club, wire broadcast, web board, and circular notes regularly. Gain appropriate returns. Provide awards in different forms. Provide a good working environment. Provide career advancement. Provide job security. Gain entitlements and benefits. Obtain clear, correct, and complete information. Present certificates of honor to employees who have creative portfolios that generate benefits for the organization and community at large. Organize workshops on “CAT- type Person” for employees, with two curriculums consisting of a personality workshop and an attitude development workshop attended by 50 participants per session. Protect the confidentiality of customers’ data, prevent data leakage, and comply with NBCT. Customer Assign a team of staff members to attend to individual customers and to contact them to inquire about their satisfaction regularly. Organize marketing events and join in setting up exhibition booths at a variety of activities for a total of 172 times per year. Use advertising media for public relations, including radio, TV, newspapers, BTS Skytrain, MRT Subway, SF cinemas for a total of 23 times per year, with 50 vans used as transit advertising and at least 9 pamphlets per year. Has prices assigned, with fair terms and conditions. Obtain correct, complete, and transparent information. Maintain product quality and services. Facilitate the use of services. Respond to customers’ needs quickly and correctly. Maintain product and service quality and development continuously. Offer products and services in direct proportion to customers’ needs as best as possible. Protect the confidentiality of customers’ data and prevent any data leakages. Comply with all rules, terms and conditions applicable to customers strictly. 49 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited