Benefits and Remuneration CAT oversees employees’ benefits in accordance with the company’s benefits regulations Edition 29 B.E. 2550 and the amended edition B.E. 2559. Workers’ benefits are managed in line with the announcement of the State Enterprise Labor Relations Committee on the minimum standards of employment conditions for state enterprise employees. Employee wages are designated in line with their position, knowledge and talent, whether in monetary or non-monetary form, including salaries, wages, and fringe benefits such as maternal leave pay, dependents’ tuition fees, uniforms ordination assistance funds, natural disaster and fire relief funds, cremation, and medical expenses; pick-up and drop-off services for employees in Bangkok; loans; home rent while travel on duty in other areas; bonuses; annual health checkup; annual leave; maternal leave; provident funds. In2017,36femaleemployeesusedtheirmaternityleave.Ofthese,35returnedtoworkaftertheirmaternity leave, accounting for 97.22 percent, and one resigned. In the same year, 6 workers took maternity leaves. All 6 returned to work. With regard to paternity leave, 40 male employees exercised these rights, and 40 returned back to work, accounting for 100 percent. As for provident funds, which were established in accordance with Provident Fund Act B.E. 2530, pension funds, retirement funds, early retirement compensation and work-related compensation money account for 1,041,718,905.75 million baht. Human Rights and Employee Freedom CAT treats all of its personnel fairly. All employees have equal rights in terms of expressing opinions and having a bargaining power in all activities related to CAT’s employment conditions. These rights are basic rights that are part of the efforts to further projects beneficial to employees through the state enterprise union of CAT. The union serves as a mediator in negotiations between senior-level executives, employees, and workers. The union was established under State Enterprise Labor Relations Act B.E. 2543. In 2017, there are total of 3,603 members of the union, accounting for 62.93 percent of the total workforce. The company also takes into consideration other aspects of human rights such as children’s rights. The company is entering the second phase of its project for CSR administrators and operators related to children in the form of Training and Workshop in order to increase its competence in evaluating business performance models friendly to children. The project also seeks out opportunities in supporting children’s rights under the principles of business practices and boundaries of its operations that can integrate children’s rights into business policies and organizational administration processes. 103 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited