Compliance with Regulations and International Standards. CAThasoperatedonthebasisofcompliancewithrelevantregulatorymeasuresandlaws.Italsoaims to develop its operations to be in harmony with the international standards. Those certified international standards implemented by the organization are as follows: Telecommunications Business CAT’s Announcement on Safety Criteria and Measures for the Use of Radiocommunication Equipment on Human Health B.E. 2550. CAT’s Announcement on Safety Standards for the Use of Radiocommunication Equipment on Human Health B.E. 2550 ISO 9001:2015 Standards for services involving CAT Contact Center, Signal Transmission via Nonthaburi Satellite Station, and Chali 3 Submarine Cable Station – Sriracha. ISO 20000 Standards for IRIS Cloud services. ISO 27001:2013 Standards for services including IRIS Cloud, CAT Data Center, Managed Security Service (MSS) through Security Operation Center (SOC) ISO 22301:2012 Standards for including Business Continuity Management Consulting(BCM)servicesandgeneralconsultingservicesprovidedtogovernment and private sector customers to help them to manage the continuity of their business operations. MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) Stardards for CAT Private Line/CAT Ethernet. Quality of Service Standards in keep with the NBCT announcement on telecommunications service standards and quality Finance Accounting and financial reporting standards, pursuant to Accounting Act B.E. 2543. Results of Financial Audit by the Office of the Auditor General of Thailand. Feedback from the Office of the Auditor General of Thailand, the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission and other external units, according to the Management Letter. 43 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited