Good Corporate Governance and CSR Committee 1. Mr. Narin Kalayanamit Chairman Board of directors CAT Telecom Public Company Limited 2. Mr. Poomsak Aranyakasemsuk Director Board of directors CAT Telecom Public Company Limited 3. Mr. Rathapol Bhakdibhumi Director Board of directors CAT Telecom Public Company Limited 4. President Director 5. Senior Executive Vice President (General and Legal Affairs) Secretary TheCommitteeisinchargeofestablishingthepolicyongoodgovernance,promotingsocialactivities, and monitoring their implementation. It also oversees the Directors and Management’s conduct to ensure they are in compliance with principles of good governance and promote social activities to drive active operations that will yield concrete outcomes. Good corporate governance CAT conducts its business responsibly with transparency and fairness, on the basis of balance and sustainability. As a result, the Company has the capacity to operate its business sustainably, to the highest efficiency. The Company follows good corporate governance principles to guide its corporate management, which is has been internationally accepted. In 2016, the Board of Directors, management and staff participated in activities as outlined in the Good Corporate Governance Action Plan, which comprised of 5 strategies, namely Strategy Provide knowledge and create an understanding of good corporate governance among the Board of Directors, Management and staff to guide concrete actions 1 2 3 4 5 Strategy Develop a body of knowledge and promote good corporate governance throughout the company Strategy Enhance the efficiency of the Company’s good corporate governance Strategy Develop a comprehensive management strategy, according to the Company’s public sector anti-corruption plan Strategy Develop good corporate governance systems to foster sustainability, in line with the management of the Company Diagram 2 Good Corporate Governance Action Plan Good Corporate Governance and Promoting a Sustainable Society 55 Sustainable Development Report 2017 CAT Telecom Public Company Limited